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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Karyn Polito

Went to see Karyn Polito, Republican Candidate for Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor this evening at a meet and greet organized by my old friend, Louis Markakis, at Palmer's Restaurant in Downtown Marblehead.
She is the real deal.

Strong Emphasis on taking personal responsibility and weaning people away from depending on Government.  Lower Taxes... cut Goverment Regulation... all those things that make sense but scare the pants off of Liberal Big Government.
I liked her, but question whether she and Charlie Baker can get elected in this Commonweath of Entitlement.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Post Secret Project

I'm starting get the hots to build this greenhouse that I designed last year, somewhere on the Sundance Property.

Maybe in the Driveway where it will double as a garage.  But nothing can happen until I finish the secret project.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Secret Project Progress

The secret project that I have been working all summer long is at a critical milestone.   I will disclose it at the proper time, but as of now, it is a secret... so don't be asking about it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Anne Freeman Hill just sent me this photo of Joanne and I at Phil and Marva'sWedding.
I had forgotten how good looking we all were back then!
Hard to believe they both are gone, but I have to believe they are together in a better place.
Anne is Phil's youngest sister and she used to be a little pip squeak who would get in my face and call me Nestor-Mestor whenever I showed up on Collins Street Terrace in East Lynn.
She married a great athlete from West Lynn, Tony Hill, and matured into a beautiful woman..... But even though we are all forty years older,  I still picture her as this little kid trying to torment me.
Thank you, Anne, for sending me this memory.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Testing the Water

Maybe it's time to trade in the WhaleEye for a new model.  Ryan and I looked at a nice MayCraft down at CoastlineMarine today.   I was impressed with the dealer, and the boat seemed to be a solid no frills fishing platform.

We have to see what accounts receivable looks like at Nanepashemet Telecom.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seth Moulton for Congress

Seth Moulton for Congress

I'm thinking of throwing the coveted Nanepashemet Nod to Seth Moulton for the Sixth Congressional Massachusetts District.

He's a Marine veteran and I sense that there is a well of honesty and integrity.   And yes, I know, He is a Progressive Democrat.  That concerns me, but if he acts honestly, that would be exceptionally refreshing.

I offered a spot on my lawn for one of his campaign signs too.... so that should be enough to swing this gig for him.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lives Lived Well

After Phil Freeman's services on Saturday,  we had to attend services for Omer LeBlanc, Joanne's 93 year old uncle on Tuesday.

As sad as the ritual of death and dying is, the habit of coming together with old friends and family is very comforting and helps us cope and move on among the living.  We honor their passage and our own problems fade from center stage for a
small time.

While the funeral is an ending, it is also a beginning to celebrate the time we have left with people who are important to us.

Phil and Omer were people that I knew since I was a little kid, and it is sad to see their passing,  but their services revealed that both had lives that were lived well.

Friday, August 15, 2014

B-17 Flying Fortress - A Mistaken Detail

Back in 1995,  I bought this framed print at Kennedy Studios, and presented it to my cousin, the Late Attorney John Nestor, in commemoration of the fact that he had flown 125 missions in a B-17 Flying Fortress during World War II... an amazing feat.
He stared silently at it for awhile.
First I though he was sizing it up and identifying inaccuracies, such as a turrent or gun not being in the right place.... but then I began to think that I had made a bad mistake, and that it was conjuring up memories that were best left dormant.
When I finally broke the ackward silence and asked, "Is there anything wrong?", he replied... "There certainly is."

"What's that?" I said with a bit of anxiety.

"Those fucking Messerschmidts would have never gotten that close.",  John said.

He never hung that print in his office.  And he never forgave the Germans or the Japanese.
John was a great man for many reasons.  God rest his Soul.

(Thanks for Frank Iacono for placing the print on Facebook.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Philip Freeman - Lynn Daily Evening Item - Obituary

Philip G. Freeman, 62
Formerly of Lynn

Posted: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 3:00 am
ENGLEWOOD, N.J. — Philip G. Freeman, age 62, of Englewood, N.J., formerly of Lynn, Mass., passed away on Sunday, Aug. 10, 2014. Born in Henderson, N.C., to the late Albert and Dorothy (Bradley) Freeman, Philip was a graduate of Lynn English High School, Class of 1970, where he was co-captain of the track team, setting a record only recently broken for the two mile run in 10.2 minutes.

He graduated from Boston College, Class of 1974, where he studied sociology. Philip had a successful career primarily in computer technology and later in financial services working at Pan Am, Exxon, PSEG, and PNC Bank.

Philip enjoyed music, domestic and international travel, sports and art. He made friends wherever he went with his charm and engaging personality.

Philip was predeceased by his beloved wife, Marva (Braithwaite) Freeman. He is survived by his loving daughter Melissa Brown (Freeman), his son-in-law Lance Brown and granddaughter Leah; brothers, Edward J. Freeman (Cynthia), Thomas J. Freeman (Jessica), Ronald A. Freeman (Ginette), Leon H. Freeman (Michele), Richard E. Freeman (Fiona), sisters, Marcia I. Leffler (Lee) and Anne M. Hill (Tony). He is also survived by his aunt, Alice Boykin; father-in-law Jack C. Braithwaite; sister-in-law Karen Singleton; and brother-in-law Richard Emmanuel. He was predeceased by his brother Albert C. Freeman (Gretchen) and mother-in-law Germaine Braithwaite.

Philip was a beloved uncle to his many nieces and nephews. He is also survived by many cousins and a magnitude of great friends.

Service information: Visitation at BARRETT FUNERAL HOME, 148 Dean Drive, Tenafly, N.J., on Saturday, 9-11 a.m. Funeral Mass Saturday, 11:30 a.m., at St. John’s Church, 470 Broad Ave., Leonia, N.J. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Kidney Foundation at

Monday, August 11, 2014

Phil Freeman - RIP

Jeff Middleton called Joanne today and said that Phil Freeman had died in the last day or so.   He had a brain embolism or something, slipped into a coma and passed away....and had suffered a stroke in the last ten years and endured kidney problems.  His beautiful wife, Marva, had died of cancer in 2012.  He was 62.

I first met Freeman when I was in the 2nd grade at St. Joseph's Sunday school.  He lived down by the Meadows where the East Lynn colored people lived, and I lived in the Highlands, so we didn't go to the same elementary school, but just seemed to hit it off on Sunday's at St. Joseph's.  When we both went to Eastern Junior High School, in the seventh grade, we joined the St. Joseph's CYO Basketball team and would hang out on wintry afternoons after games or practices down on Green Street and Union Street in Lynn.

Phil and I were not exceptional basketball players, we didn't have the size and basically just held our own.  When we were Sophomores at Lynn English High, Phil went out for the cross country team and became a standout.  I was thinking of going out for the swim team, but after a couple of gym calisthenic workouts, and watching the cross country team come back in the locker room, I joined the team prior to the beginning of the indoor track season.   My mental reasoning was precisely this.... "If Freeman can be this good, then I should be able to do really well, because I'm at least as good as Freeman."

I was wrong.

Freeman was a gifted long distance runner and I was a plodder at the back of the pack.  It was incredibly difficult for me to mold my pudgy developing body into the type of shape that it would take to compete, but Freeman was my inspiration.  He had a beautiful fluid stride, and a lot of guts.

How could he be this good and me be that  bad? !!!

Gradually, throughout that Indoor Track season, I improved until I was the second fastest Sophomore miler on the team... behind Phil.

Then at the beginning of the outdoor season, I pulled a muscle in my hip and was just limping through races.  Phil knew that I was not improving and I remember the day when we sat on the bus on the way home from a meet at Peabody High, and he thought he could console me by suggesting that I try to throw the discus or the javelin. I don't think he ever knew how annoyed I was with that comment, and that really motivated me to become the best runner possible.

By the time we were Juniors, Freeman and I were within the top five varsity cross country members of the team,  He was number two behind Fred Doyle and I was number four behind Rick Jankowski. We went on to be the Essex County Champions of 1968 and at the end of the year, Phil and I were named Co-Captains of the Lynn English High Track Team for our senior year.

In our senior year, we had begun to be known in local track circles as Freeman and Nestor from Lynn English and we were contenders in Essex County and the Massachusetts State Meets.  Any race that I ran with Phil, I was content to be second and at least beat the other guys.   The only Cross Country race that I ever won was the time that Phil was home sick from school.... and I took the opportunity to beat the crap out of the Peabody runners who had no idea that I was grabbing what I thought was my one chance to come in first.  I did beat him once, when  I had a great run at the Essex County Cross Country Championships our senior year, finishing third,.....and  Phil  came in sixth.   It was the only time I ever beat him cleanly.   He was genuinely happy for me, and I sensed a feeling of pure friendship from him.

 Later that winter, Phil was third in the Division I Two Mile and I came in sixth on the boards in the old Boston Garden... I was happy and proud to see him ahead of me with the leaders, and earn a State Medal.

Phil and I started to go to the CYO Dances together when we were Sophomores and he began to let his Afro develop.   He was the first Black kid at English with a full blown Afro which would have made Jimi Hendrix proud.  Around that time, he would insist that his name was not Phil Freeman... it was Marcus Garvey.   I had no idea who the hell he was taking about until years later when I actually took the trouble to research who Marcus Garvey was.  But we never went deeper than that.

Freeman was a great dancer at the CYO dances and the girls liked him.   Phil told me every sordid detail of his encounters with women and I truly got a good portion of my sex education listening to him.  But Phil was a genuinely kind person and I remember how he acted when he told me about the girl in my neighborhood who said that she loved him.   He was really moved.  We would stand around for hours,  leaning against a Mailbox on the street corner, telling each other things that we were feeling. and observing in those formative years.

We would be down at the Meadow Playground playing basketball in the summer and passing pucks back and forth with hockey sticks and no skates when the Meadow would freeze over in the Winter.

I think our friendship was obvious to others, and we never really discussed race issues which were rising in intensity at the time.  It was 1967, 68, 69  Sherwin Wheeler, a Black kid who lived across the street from Phil, once got in my face and asked if I would let my sister date Phil...  I could sense where he was going .....  "I don't care if she dates Phil... I just don't want her to date you!", was my reply... and Sherwin knew full well that I didn't have a sister.

Outside of that, I don't remember the issue ever coming up.   I was bothered and embarrassed when the Lynn English Yearbook had a picture of me at the end of our Senior Year captioned " John Leads the Way".  At best it was stupid and naive, and at worse,  it was racist.   Freeman lead the way, I was a solid second.  And  I was confused  when I came back from my Freshman year at UMASS Amherst, went over to see Phil who was home from Boston College, and asked him if he wanted to go to some nightclub in Boston.  Freeman declined, saying it was "Too White Oriented".

I just shrugged it off at the time and didn't give it much thought until I got back to school the next semester when I wrote up the incident in a College Journalism class, and the UMASS Professor told be that my short story should be published.  But I never followed up.

After College, Phil got a job in New Jersey and married a beautiful girl, Marva, from Brookline.  I remember being at his wedding in Boston, which was incredibly done, and getting really misty for a while as I contemplated how far he seemed to have come from those old days when we would push each other in the St. Joseph's Sunday School lines.  He had carved out  beautiful life for himself.

We faded away from each other.   I last saw him at this father's wake at the Solimine Funeral Home in Lynn in the late 90's.  For some reason, I got really emotional, dragged him out into the parking lot and told him that I was always bothered by that yearbook notation and that I felt it was racist.   He just shrugged and smiled.

So when I talked to Jeff this afternoon, and he told me how Phil had died with declining health in the last ten years, every detail came rushing back to me.  I couldn't speak and just blubbered into the phone with Jeff for awhile.  Pretty sad... I would try to Google him from time to time and even Google mapped his house in Englewood, NJ a couple of years ago. I should have called him, but it was enough to know that he was still walking the  Earth.

But now he isn't... and I will miss him.


Jay, very nice piece that brings back a lot of good memories of running track with you two at LEHS. Greatly saddened by the news. Phil was a really good guy and an awesome runner. As you said, he will be missed. John T. Hackett III

Friday, July 25, 2014

56 Tips for an Awesome Real Estate Listing Presentation

May 7, 2013 Luke Montgomery Meeting with Clients
listing presententation ipad

Seven seconds.

That’s how much time it takes to make a first impression. As an agent, your first impression has to be fantastic in order to convince a seller to list with you. Proper planning and preparation will gain you an edge over the competition and earn your potential seller’s business.

In this post, you will find an extensive list of listing presentation tips to help you stand out, look great and increase your chances of winning the real estate listing.

Do Your Research

listing presentation research

1. Learn everything relevant that you can about the listing property and seller. Check tax records for details on the property. You should also try a simple Google search to see if your potential client maintains an online presence on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook.

2. Drive by the property to get a sense of the neighborhood and snap an image for the listing presentation. Unless the property has been listed in the MLS before, you will need a subject property photo to enhance your CMA.

3. Check and see if the property has sold and in past MLS records. Make a mental note of previous pricing trends.

4. Bring along a list of basic repairs and checks that will improve the prospects of a listing. These should apply to any home and should be easy to fix or implement, with a good return on investment. For example:

Raising blinds and shades to open a room and bring in more light
Painting, especially over flaws in the current paint
Updating the landscaping
Staging the main living areas—placing patio furniture, dressing up the spare room, etc.
Cleaning out cluttered storage areas
Simplifying over-complicated decorations
Fixing and replacing broken or burned-out light fixtures
5. Understand the client’s reasons for selling. A seller reacting to a life-changing event such as a new job or a child’s departure for college may need different guidance than an investor ready to flip a valuable property.

Scheduling Listing Presentations

6. At open houses you host, soft sell to possible clients who come through the door. Master active listening and be specific about how you express interest in helping them to show that you understand their unique situation.

7. Always keep a stack of your professional marketing materials on hand to give out. Keep a spare stash in your car as well as on your person.

8. When meeting a potential client, ask the Five Ws (and one H):

Who makes up the family (how many adults, children, and pets)
What they are looking for (from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms down to the style of home they prefer)
When they are interested in moving or selling
Where they would like to live
Why now is the time to make a change
How they plan to proceed (what is the first/next step? Do they have an agent yet?)
9. If a potential client expresses interest in sitting down with you, ask to set an appointment after they have spoken with any other agents they are considering. Being the last to interview can give you a huge advantage, since you will be fresh in their minds.

Come Prepared for Success

average of comps

10. Whether you have crafted them into a CMA or just printed a copy off your MLS, bring along the latest market statistics and trends to back up your statements.

11. Make sure you have appropriate marketing sheets with you.

12. A beautiful, full-color market analysis and presentation will go a long way towards snagging and keeping the attention of any client.

13. Clients want to see where their home sits on the market. Show them with graphs and other visual methods of interpreting data.

14. Put together a pitch for why you are the best agent for this specific client. Cite area expertise, previous similar transactions, your personal ties to their reasons for moving, and more.

15. Bright, gorgeous brochures are great for leaving behind with an interested client.

16. Know who you will use to take the professional photos of the home and bring along a sample of their work.

17. Offer to craft a visual walkthrough of the home, if possible. Again, bringing samples of the work you can provide—whether you do the walkthroughs yourself or hire a professional—will go a long way towards convincing a client you are prepared to be their agent.

18. Know your strengths as an agent. Be confident in the value of your knowledge, expertise and resources.

Stand Out from the Competition

real estate agent collateral

19. Never speak ill of your competition. Talk respectfully about your fellow agents, and you’re more likely to receive the same courtesy in return.

20. Provide the same high level of service, no matter the value of your client’s property.

21. Encourage sellers to interview multiple agents to ensure they are working with the right person.

22. Never put pressure on potential clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, but pestering will not win you business.

23. Be informative without being aggressive or pushy.

24. Be honest. Share the good and the bad and be constructive with your advice, but don’t sugarcoat the situation.

25. Dress well and appropriately for the client and situation. For example, if you are meeting at a coffee shop, you may dress more casually than if you are meeting over dinner on the waterfront.

26. Smile and make eye contact. It will increase your likeability and make you seem more accessible.

27. Speak clearly and with confidence.

Following Up

writing a personal thank you note

28. Always follow up with a personal note. Don’t use a form letter. Try to send a handwritten note if you can.

29. With their permission, add the potential client to your mailing lists so you can keep in contact with them even if they choose a different agent or decide to wait to list their property.

30. Send potential clients a monthly market update via email –whether a newsletter, statistics or just some helpful information they can use. When they are ready to sell, your name will be stuck in their minds.

31. Send a small, thoughtful gift, and personalize it if you can, to show you are willing to go above and beyond what is expected.

32. Follow the two-day rule: wait at least 48 hours after the presentation to follow up. Have a very specific question ready when you do follow up: “Are you ready to list your property?” or “What are your concerns about listing at this time?”

More Tips

33. When crafting marketing language, try to avoid the word “sales” to describe yourself or your business. Unfortunately, the term “salesperson” is perceived to be dishonest in a marketing-heavy world. Instead, portray yourself as a trusted consultant, pledged to provide the highest quality service and reach the client’s desired outcome.

34. Always focus on the prospect’s needs as the foundation of your discussion. Demonstrate that you are the best person to represent them and show your understanding of their needs as your starting point.

35. Guide the prospect to the answers. Instead of reading off your slides or drawing your own conclusions, allow them to interject in what will feel like a “Eureka!” moment for them. If you can get a prospect to speak the key points you are trying to make, they will feel like they have arrived at the answer themselves and it will be stronger for that.

36. Keep the presentation focused on the client. Talk about yourself, but put it in the context of how you can help them.

The Don’ts

37. Don’t show up late. Make a great impression and show up a few minutes early. You should treat it like a job interview–after all, it is!

38. Don’t carry strong smells on your person. Pets, cigar or cigarette smoke, alcohol, strong cologne or perfume, garlic–these can be immediate turn-offs and make up someone’s mind before you even have a chance to speak.

39. Don’t neglect your homework. Know the seller’s motivations for their life change, the general condition of their home and how much work they are willing to do to get their house ready for the market.

40. Don’t overlook the seller’s financial situation. Finances are a touchy subject, so you may not want to ask directly, but infer what you can from what they say.

41. Don’t treat the real estate listing appointment too casually. Take your clients (or prospective clients) seriously!

42. Don’t try to hard-sell yourself in an area you know little about. Keep a list of experts you trust and refer your clients to them if you aren’t sure of an answer.

43. Don’t display architectural ignorance. If you aren’t familiar with the type of home your clients have, do a little reading beforehand.

44. Don’t move too quickly through your presentation. Speak slowly and clearly and stop for questions.

45. Don’t forget to tailor your presentation to the specific audience. You may have a standard set of marketing materials, but some may not be appropriate for every situation.

46. Don’t talk more than you listen.

47. Don’t ignore anyone at the presentation. When a couple or family is present, it isn’t always easy to tell who the real decision maker is, so it is best to assume that if they are at the listing presentation, they have some weight in the final decision. Address the needs of all present.

48. Don’t ignore the client’s pet(s). If you are uncomfortable with an animal, politely request that it be removed from the room, but otherwise be friendly.

49. Don’t be ignorant of the surrounding neighborhoods.

50. Don’t forget to explain your personal system of success. Be up front with how you market and negotiate.

51. Don’t appear disorganized.

52. Don’t fail to recommend improvements that you truly believe would raise the home’s value.

53. Don’t let your cell phone interrupt the conversation.

54. Don’t bring a bad mood to a meeting.

55. Don’t overlook the power of mirroring.

56. Don’t forget to thank the sellers for their time and for allowing you in their home.

The tips on this list are meant to be a reminder and a set of guidelines–not every suggestion will apply to every situation, and you may have your own protocol for winning listings.

Good luck on your listing presentations!

If you found this post useful, your friends might too. Please consider sharing. Thank you!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Out of Executive Order

Apparently, President Obama misunderstands that the Executive Branch of the United States Government administers government programs, but does not dictate policy, The President expressly has the ability to veto an Act of Congress, but even that can be overturned by Congress..

Laws are initiated and passed by Congress, the Legislative Branch, they are administered by the President, the Executive Branch, and are interpreted and clarified by the Supreme Court, the Judicial Branch.  None of the three branches of government hold sway over the other.... this is what our system of checks and balances was designed to do.  It is a system that has blessed our country with exceptional stability and strength.

When Obama feels that he can circumvent Congress, or the Supreme Court.... he is acting contrary to the laws of this Republic.

So what's the deal with his Executive Orders, which are supposed to be for highly specialized situations????

Below is the current status of Executive Orders issued by modern US Presidents.

Eisenhower- 2 in 8 years
Kennedy - 4 in 3 years
LBJ - 4 in 5 years
Nixon - 1 in 6 years
Ford - 3 in 2 years
Carter - 3 in 4 years
Reagan - 5 in 8 years
Bush - 3 in 4 years
Clinton - 15 in 8 years
George W. Bush - 62 in 8 years
Obama - 923 in 3 1/2 years
Who is this man to unilaterally change the way our Government has been established????  There is a fundamental change occurring in this country.
I hope we are strong enough in our institutions to countermand it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Time for Vacation

Does it seem to you like Obama is almost disintegrating?  That he is going through the motions, and wishes he has never left his Chi Town ideological thug cronies for this life in the fishbowl?

 He has scheduled his two week Martha's Vineyard August vacation and I'm jealous.
I can't take my hands off the steering wheel of Nanepashemet Telecom for more than a few days without getting my Ass kicked..... but here is a guy with arguably the most important job in the world.... who can kick back with the fam for multiple weeks at a time.
Maybe the Mountain of a Man should run for President, so that I finally can finagle a Vaca every few months or so.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cat Poop

As I was emptying the contents of Henry the Cat's litterbox yesterday, I couldn't help but wonder how a little cat can have such massive dumps.   I'm talking about stools that are a quarter of the length of his body.
If we used that ratio to the average six foot man, we are talking a foot and a half per sitting.
That's a lot of poop.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Political Haymaker

Teleprompters R Us.

Need substance to be the Prez.   Hire good people, make them accountable, think strategically and not ideologically, lay out the groundwork for public policy and work with the Legislature.


O-Bla-Di, O-Bla-Da.....

Lots of political water under the Bridge since I've actively posted to this pathetic Blog.

Seems like the Obama administration is straining with its peculiar brand of logic that trades enemy Al-Queda Generals for an unstable alleged deserter American Private, and the absolute ineptitude of our immigration laws being ignored outright with a stream of illegal aliens coming in from the Mexican border.

At least we have solved the problem of all of those Americans defecting to Mexico.   One Marine screws up and ends in Mexican jail.

Although the Obama administration cleaned up Al-Queda just in time for the last political election - a la Benhghazi denials - it seems that the terrorists are having a great deal of success regaining Iraq as a stronghold to stage their Jihad agenda against the West.

And apparently, an American is rotting in Sudanese jail, sentenced to death and giving birth in the interim while in shackles.  Her offence?  Converting to Christianity.

But enough of this PAP.

Where are the Obama's going for their summer vacation this year?  Inquiring minds want to know.

"O-Bla-Di, O-Bla-Da, life goes on, bra!...
Lala how the life goes on."

Weak Leadership at the executive level has a price.   Not sure how long we will be paying.... 

Clam Pie

Frank Pepe's of New Haven - Clam Pizza
Worth the drive.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sweet Home Chicago.

My latest song that I'm learning to play is dedicated to President Obama... "Sweet Home Chicago", lately popularized by the Blues Brothers, but recorded by a lot of people.

So I bought a Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker thinking that it would connect with the Amplitube iRig that links my iPhone5 with my Epiphone Les Paul.   You know... so I can rock out from time to time.

The iRig Amplitude application is an acceptable replacement for my Fender Amp that someone stole from me years ago.....But I'm having trouble connecting to the Bose with the Bluetooth, so I ordered a 3.5MM male to male audio cable from Amazon for a hard connection.

I like the lyrics.... "Come On..... Baby Won't You Please come HOME... Sweet Home.... Chicago."

Three years or so to go.

BTW, my guitar playing sucks... almost as much as this pathetic Blog.... but at least you don't have to listen to it.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Due Process of Law

[N]or shall any person . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law . . . .[5]
[N]or shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law . . . .[6]

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Letting the Chips Fall

Peeps.... I've come to the conclusion the best that you can do is all you can do.  If you're doing your best and giving your all.... it's then time to let the chips fall where they may.
In the end, your real boss is the person who stares back at you in the mirror.
If that person, that image.... is satisfied with your effort.... then that is the best you can do.   Too many outside factors that are out of your control effect the eventual outcome of your strivings, so you cannot judge by the outcome, you have to judge by the quality and commitment of your own effort to the cause.
In my own career, I can't make a lessee sign a lease... all I can do is work to enable a situation where that is possible.   I can't make a zoning board vote in favor of my petition.... all I can do is prepare a comprehensive application and present the proposal in the best light possible.  I can't make a construction crew complete a site in a certain time period.... all I can do is make sure they have all of the resources and hope for suitable weather and coordination of concurring events.
My only constant... the only thing I can control is my own level of effort... and when I have satisfied myself that I have done everything possible within my sphere of influence, then I have freed myself from  being affected by the judgment of others based upon the outcome.

But it is a hell of a bonus when a lease gets signed, a permit gets issued and a site gets built.... plus Nanepashemet Telecom gets paid.

 It's also nice when the chips fall your way.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Realize the Divine

As a cultural Catholic, it's hard to talk to people about Jesus.   Everytime you get to an intellectual dead end, the answer is that it is true, and it is "the Mystery of Faith".  Plus people get awfully pissed at you if you ask a question that they interpret as threatening to their mantle of faith.

I don't buy Dogma that doesn't make sense.  I believe that the Holy Spirit guides us all outside of interpretation by others.

So at the risk of pissing off those who would be reincarnated Crusader combatants,,,,,, Here's what I know and believe.

At the age of thirty, Jesus set out to minister to the people of Israel. In three short years, he performed astounding miracles like walking on water, raising the dead, turning water into wine and ultimately rising from his own tomb and appearing to his followers after his public execution.

Interspersed within these events, he proclaimed a practical philosophy of  behavior.... turning the other cheek, embracing your enemies with kindness, loving your neighbor, praying to God without ostentation, and phoniness.  I believe this behavior allows you the greatest chance to live in peace with your fellow Man.

We have no physical record of where he was, or what he did in his formative years up to the age of thirty, and in three short years, he managed to run afoul of the government, i.e. the Jewish Religious Leaders and the Roman Occupiers.... so the Government killed him.

I believe that he continues to perform miracles and give mystic guidance to those who seek his counsel in a sincere manner, and I believe that his Mother Mary performs the same as well.

There are other paths to God, walked by Muslims, Taoists, Hindus and countless others striving to lead a blessed life as well, and that there is no need to debate and kill over which path that you take.  It would be nice if we could drop this exclusivity intolerance and celebrate all of the cultural paths that God has given humanity to realize the Divine.

Happy Easter.

Below is a nice chronology of his ministry compiled by

THE STORY OF JESUS Matthew, Mark, Luke, John rearranged by Subject & in Date order
Interlude -
The travels and acts of Jesus have been compiled from "Gospel Harmonies". Although there are discrepancies, the following itineraries and maps give an indication of Jesus' movements over these three years

Key: 1 - Approximate sequence of events, used in the list following
[1] Jesus, now about 30 years old (Lk 3:23) travels from his home-town of Nazareth in Galilee
[2] At the River Jordan, possibly near Bethany-across-the-Jordan, he is baptised by John the Baptist (Mt 3:13; Mk 1:9)
[3] He goes in to the Judean Desert or wilderness to face the devil's temptation (Mt 4:1; Mk 1:12; Lk 4:1)
[4] At the River Jordan near Bethany-across-the-Jordan, or Bethabara (Jn 1:28), and according to John's Gospel, Jesus calls his first five disciples (Jn 1:35). These include Philip, Andrew, and Simon Peter all from Bethsaida in Galilee (Jn 1:44)
[5] Jesus returns north to Galilee with his disciples (Jn 1:43), and at a wedding in Cana, changes the water into wine - his first recorded miracle (Jn 2:1)
[6] He continues on to Capernaum, on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee with his mother, brothers and disciples, and stays there a short time (Jn 2:12)
[7] He travels south to Jerusalem for the Passover - the first one mentioned in the Gospels (Jn 2:13). There he drives the money-changers from the Temple for the first time (Jn 2:14). He also meets the Pharisee, Nicodemus (Jn 3:1)
[8] Jesus leaves for the countryside of Judea where his disciples baptise believers (Jn 3:22)
[9] Jesus and his disciples continue northwards from Judea (Jn 4:3), passing through the territory of Samaria (Jn 4:4). Near Sychar, Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well (Jn 4:5). Many Samaritans believe in him (Jn 4:39), after which he continues on to Galilee (Jn 4:43)
[10] He reaches Galilee (Mt 4:12; Mk 1:14; Lk 4:14; Jn 4:45), and back in Cana heals the official's son who lays sick in Capernaum (Jn 4:46)
[11] Jesus returns to his home-town of Nazareth, and preaches in the synagogue (Lk 4:16). He is rejected for the first time (Lk 4:28)

Key: 1 - Approximate sequence of events, used in the list following
[1] Jesus moves to Capernaum (Mt 4:13; Mk 1:21; Lk 4:31). According to the Synoptic Gospels, Jesus call his first disciples - perhaps only now to full-time service (Mt 4:18; Mk 1:16; Lk 5:1). In Capernaum he heals the madman in the synagogue (Mk 1:23; Lk 4:33) and Peter's mother-in-law of her fever (Mt 8:14; Mk 1:29; Lk 4:38)
[2] Jesus travels throughout Galilee, preaching and healing (Mt 4:23; Mk 1:39), including the leper (Mt 8:2; Mk 1:40; Lk 5:12).
[3] Returning to Capernaum (Mk 2:1) a paralysed man is healed (Mt 9:2; Mk 2:3; Lk 5:18) and Jesus calls Matthew (or Levi) the tax-collector to be a disciple (Mt 9:9; Mk 2:14; Lk 5:27)
[4] Jesus travels from Galilee south to Jerusalem for a Jewish festival - possibly the Second Passover identified in the Gospels (Jn 5:1). At the Pool of Bethesda he heals the crippled man (Jn 5:2)
[5] Returning north to Galilee, Jesus heals the man with the shrivelled hand (Mt 12:9; Mk 3:1; Lk 6:6) and many others (Mt 12:15; Mk 3:7)
[6] On a hillside in Galilee, probably near Capernaum, he selects his twelve apostles (Mt 10:1; Mk 3:13; Lk 6:12) and delivers the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5:1). In Luke's report Jesus comes down from a hillside to give the Sermon (Lk 6:20)
[7] Back in Capernaum, (Mt 8:5; Lk 7:1) Jesus heals the Roman centurion's servant (Mt 8:5; Lk 7:2)
[8] Jesus continues preaching and healing in Galilee, and in Nain brings the widow's son back to life (Lk 7:11)
[9] Accompanied by the twelve apostles and some of his women helpers, Jesus continues his second Galilee tour (Lk 8:1)
[10] He sails across the Sea of Galilee (Mt 8:18; Mk 4:35; Lk 8:22) and calms a storm (Mt 8:24; Mk 4:37; Lk 8:23). Landing in the region of the Gerasenes (Mk 5:1; Lk 8:26) or Gadarenes (Mt 8:28) in Gentile Decapolis - the Ten Towns or Cities, Jesus heals the madman in the story of the Gadarene Swine (Mt 8:28; Mk 5:2; Lk 8:27)
[11] Sailing back across the Sea of Galilee (Mk 5:21) Jesus lands at "his own town" of Capernaum (Mt 9:1). Here he raises Jairus' daughter from the

Key: 1 - Approximate sequence of events, used in the list following
[1] Jesus travels from Capernaum to "his own native town" of Nazareth (Mk 6:1)
[2] In Nazareth, he is rejected for a second time (Mt 13:54; Mk 6:1)
[3] He continues through Galilee (Mt 13:58; Mk 6:6) and sends out the twelve apostles to preach the Gospel (Mt 10:5; Mk 6:7; Lk 9:1)
[4] The Twelve return to Capernaum from their mission (Mk 6:30, Luke 9:10)
[5] From Capernaum, they go off by boat with Jesus to a quiet place (Mk 6:32) near Bethsaida (Lk 9:10). Here he feeds the 5,000 (Mt 14:14; Mk 6:33; Lk 9:11; Jn 6:5)
[6] The disciples return across the Sea of Galilee (Mt 14:22; Mk 6:45), Jesus walking on the water to join them (Mt 14:25; Mk 6:48; Jn 6:19). They land near the Plain of Gennesaret and Jesus heals many people there (Mt 14:34; Mk 6:53).
[7] From Gennesaret they make their way back to Capernaum (Jn 6:24) and Jesus teaches about the Bread of Life (Jn 6:26)
[8] Jesus retires from Galilee to the region of Tyre and Sidon in Syrian-Phoenicia (Mt 15:21; Mk 7:24) where he heals the daughter of the Gentile Syrophoenician woman (Mt 15:22; Mk 7:25).
[9] He leaves Syrian-Phoenicia via Sidon for Galilee (Mt 15:29) but travels through the Decapolis (Mk 7:31).
[10] In the Decapolis he heals the deaf and mute man (Mk 7:32) and feeds the 4,000 (Mt 15:32; Mk 8:1)
[11] Reaching the Sea of Galilee, he crosses by boat to the Magadan/Dalmanutha region (Mt 15:39; Mk 8:10). There the Pharisees and Sadducees ask for a sign from heaven (Mt 16:1; Mk 8:11)
[12] Continuing on to Bethsaida, a blind man is healed (Mk 8:22)
[13] Jesus now travels from Galilee, north to Caesarea Philippi in Iturea and Trachonitis, where Peter confesses that Jesus is the Christ (Mt 16:13; Mk 8:27)
[14] Continuing on from Caesarea Philippi possibly further north towards Mount Hermon, three of the disciples see Jesus Transfigured in the presence of Elijah and Moses (Mt 17:1; Mk 9:2; Lk 9:28). On his return, Jesus heals the boy with epilepsy (Mt 17:14; Mk 9:14; Lk 9:37).
Other traditions place the Transfiguration to the south, on Mount Tabor. The epileptic boy would then have been healed in the Galileearea
[15] In Galilee (Mt 17:22; Mk 9:30), in Capernaum (Mk 9:33), Jesus pays the Temple Tax with a fish! (Mt 17:24). Then to avoid the dangers in Judea, he remains in Galilee (Jn 7:1)
[16] Jesus leaves Capernaum and Galilee for the last earthly time (Mt 19:1; Mk 10:1) and heads for Jerusalem (Lk 9:51; Jn 7:10). Travelling by Samaria, he heals the ten lepers (Lk 17:11) but is rejected in a Samaritan village (Lk 9:52)
[17] Arriving in Jerusalem for the Feast of the Tabernacles in the Autumn of c AD29 (Jn 7:10), Jesus forgives the woman caught in adultery (Jn 8:2) and heals the blind man who is taken before the Sanhedrin (Jn 9:1)
[18] During his travels in Judea, Jesus visits Martha and Mary in Bethany (Lk 10:38), returning to Jerusalem for "Hanukkah", the Feast of Dedication in December c AD29 (Jn 10:22)
[19] Jesus withdraws to Bethany-across-the-Jordan (or Bethabara), and into the province of Perea, and stays for a while (Jn 10:40)
[20] Following the death of Lazarus, Jesus returns to Bethany near Jerusalem, and raises him (Lazarus) from the dead (Jn 11:1).
[21] Because of threats to his life, Jesus withdraws to Ephraim to the north of Jerusalem (Jn 11:54)
[22] He then crosses the River Jordan and works in Perea (Mt 19:1; Mk 10:1). There he blesses the little children (Mt 19:13, Mk 10:13; Lk 18:15) and speaks to the rich young man (Mt 19:16; Mk 10:17; Lk 18:18)
[23] Jesus now travels towards Jerusalem for the last time (Mt 20:17; Mk 10:32; Lk 18:31). Passing through Jericho he heals one (or two) blind men (Mt 20:29; Mk 10:46; Lk 18:35) and converts Zacchaeus the tax collector (Lk 19:1).
[24] Reaching Bethany (Jn 12:1) the home of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, Jesus is anointed by Mary either now (Jn 12:2), or later (Mt 26:6; Mk 14:3) after his triumphal entry into Jerusalem (Mt 21:1; Mk 11:1; Lk 19:29; Jn 12:12)
[25] During the Easter week, Jesus returns to Jerusalem each day after staying overnight in Bethany on the Mount of Olives (Mt 21:17-18; Mk 11:11-12;19; Lk 21:37).

As much of Jesus' three year ministry took place in the Galilee area, a more detailed map follows:
Map - Galilee Area where Jesus Preached and Healed During Much of His Three Year Ministry, c AD27-30

Maps by Gordon Smith can be used without further permission. Please quote

Friday, April 18, 2014

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 16th Week of 2014

Superpeep Brendt D'Orio reminded me that I have completely fallen off of the wagon in my weekly obligation to choose a Nanepashemet Peep of the Week.
My old, feisty Mountain of a Man persona would probably be a bit annoyed at this poke at my failing, but it dawns on me that the proud Danish-Italian machine shop entrepreneur is dead-on with his observation.
Somehow the despicable yet inspirational tradition has been set aside, but today will receive a strong dusting off.
As Nanepashemet Peeps will recall.... to become a Peep of the Week... one must fit the following criteria.

  1. Must have done something either inspirational or annoying.
  2. Cannot be an animal.
  3. Cannot be Dead.
  4. Or fulfill the automatic criteria of buying the MOAM a bottle of Lagavulin 16 year old Single Malt Scotch... otherwise known as the King of Scotch.
How is it then, that I have neglected this weekly duty for so long????
I am duped by the mystery as you must be also.

You would think that dwindling Lagavulin supply would have tipped me off that something was wrong.... but it was the Italo-Dane who snapped me back to attention.

And So.... after a long hiatus....

Nanepashemet Peeps of the Week for the 16th Week of 2014

Brendt D'Orio
Brian Donovan
Dave Bruett
Lindsay Lohan
Lynda Murray

Somehow, the world is starting to feel right again.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mindless Maggot Sickos. Why?

It's been a year since those mindless maggots carried out their perverse and cowardly plot to kill and maim people standing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.   A crowd of people, assembling to applaud the human achievement of enduring 26 miles,  an achievement of self esteem and self worth..... stricken by two sickos.... viciously and cowardly by two vermin who slimed by them with their concealed explosives, and placed them in spots next to innocent, young, thriving victims,
Why?   What was the motivation to kill and maim?  Was it jealousy?  Of What?  These two Muslims were in America.... on the dole.... subsidized by the people that they wished to kill.   What could possibly have been the outcome that they hoped for?   That we would cower in our homes?......  Unwilling to carry on our way of life?
That didn't happen.
All day long, the local news media has been talking about what happened.... and how we responded.... Boston Strong.
But still no real analysis or answers as to WHY IT HAPPENED?   Why did these two mindless maggots kill. Who was their audience?  What message did they wish to convey?  Who were they trying to impress?
If we answer these questions truly to ourselves.... things start to get wicked politically incorrect.  Don't they?

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Living the Dream

Gearing up for a long day.
By day's end, I will have submitted a complex lease for legal review, prepared a zoning application that is sure to antagonize abutters, and present at a public hearing in NH for a new tower proposal.
I'm thinking that I'll be back at this living room recliner with a Bud Light in my hands by about 11:00PM tonight.
I'm not complaining..... and in fact, I am technically Living the Dream.... working at my own company for major carriers.  But when I was dreaming the Dream back when.... I didn't anticipate how much work Living the Dream would actually entail.
This is indeed my Dream job, just not so much of it was in my Dream.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Return of the House Finch

It was a huge day of renewal today.

Adult male and female

We saw the first House Finch that I have seen in the last few years on the feeder.

Plus UPS delivered the grill gas regulator replacement part which I installed after getting back from a couple of County Courthouse filings that had to be made in Southern New Hampshire.

The grill works like a charm with the new parts, and I'm grateful that I went with the repair parts rather than shelling out all of the money for a new one.

We grilled some burgers for dinner.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Fake It Till You Make It.

You have to fake it till you make it.
As I waded through lease review processes that I loathe today,  I played a mind game that they were really interesting and relevant to getting the job done.
It worked.
Tomorrow I have to go to a Balloon test where the neighbors are sure to show up with torches and pitchforks.  They are none too happy about a cell tower proposal that we have proposed for their backyard and, I can empathize with their hostility even though I am basically the cause of it.
Not sure what mind games I can come up for that one.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Path to Wings and Burgers


I've been busy lately working to get my gas grill repaired.  It's a Charmglow model that I bought from Home Depot about six or seven years ago and has served us well despite some real neglect.  The burners and the drip shields are all corroded and rusty, but the stainless steel chassis of the grill is in great shape and the grill grates are of large gauge stainless steel so I thought I could replace the worn parts and avoid a $300 new grill expense.
Bought new ceramic drip plates for $10 and new burners for $7 on Amazon, which also sold the two components as Charmglow replacements for $135.   So I went with the $17 option which was delivered in two days.  I can't imagine how the $135 deal could be worth it, because the parts that I received were solidly made.
Ryan came over this Sat. morning, looking for something, and I pretended that I didn't know what while I fiddled with taking apart the grill.   It seems like a simple devise, but the corroded burners were welded in place by the heat over the years, and what seemed to be a question of simply hacking them off of the chaissis turned into a lot of concentrated thought and effort, but Ryan eventually wrenched them out and we figured how to install the replacements.
Now... only to hook up some propane and try it out, right? .... Wrong.
The propane would not proceed from the tank to the burners and it seemed that the gas regulator and feed had to be replaced.  Naturally the threads were completely rusted so I WD-40'ed the hell out of the nut and waited a while.   Turned the grill on its backed so that I could get better leverage and worked off the regulator nut, releasing the gas regulator from the grill.
It was  a Nexgrill model 7806 regulator.... nothing on Amazon, so I went to the Web and found the part for sale at    $40 bucks for the part and $10 for shipping.
It should be here by Tues. if the web site is the real deal.
So now I'm in this grill repair job for $67 which will be a great deal it the grill works with the new regulator.  Will just have to shine up the stainless steel and the wings and burgers can resume.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Birdfeeder Resurgence

I finally got around to setting up the bird feeder and filling it with seed out on the new deck.   The  birds in this neighborhood haven't witnessed my generosity since we moved to the Sundance House from 32 Beverly Ave.
In no time, a couple of Chickadees were snacking at the station.
Also, one Titmouse.